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LeBron James scolded him and a few minutes later the Lakers won three


The game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks of the 2021-22 NBA was decided by a three-way win from a player who was reprimanded minutes earlier by LeBron James.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks
© Tom Pennington / Getty ImagesLos Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks

He has an NBA personality! Los Angeles Lakers He is expected to suffer in the 2021-22 season and in return. Dallas Mavericks Wednesday, December 15, they had to go into overtime. Vibrant match was decided by a player minutes ago LeBron James scolded.

The Lakers’ biggest surprise in the 2021-22 season was the rookie who came to the Los Angeles team without being selected in the draft: Austin Reeves, who has shown from practice that he has the character and personality to play in NBA.

Before taking glory with the winning shot against the Mavericks, Reeves admitted that training respond to LeBron James With the famous trash talking (Trash words to provoke) When it’s his turn to discern it. Austin has never been scared before “irrigation”.

in the game Los Angeles Lakers against. Dallas Mavericks, LeBron James led an attack and in front of a good mark he ran out of options and threw a forced pass that Austin Reeves couldn’t catch. came scolding ‘the king’, But the novice will not get the fork.

Video: Austin Reeves’ Triple Winners in Lakers vs. NBA Mavericks 2021-22

With 0.9 seconds left over overtime, Austin Reeves received the ball and hit the 3 pointer which gave the Los Angeles Lakers victory By 107 points, compared to 104 points over the Dallas Mavericks. This was all done by the rookie at the age of 23 and minutes after he was reprimanded by LeBron James. He has an NBA personality!

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