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Lanio, who will manage Chivas at the National Classic, made his Cordova debut, Team America “10”

Sebastian Cordova made his debut by Marcelo Michel Legno at Necaxa and the next day they will meet again at the National Classic

Marcelo Michel Leno, Chivas interim coach for the National Classic, was responsible for giving the first minutes of the Sebastian Cordova At the top of the circuit when the number “10” for America was a Necaxa playerThe footballer even gave him the only title that a Guadalajara manager currently has in his career as a coach.

During Cordova’s training in America, the Eagles loaned the footballer on two occasions. He went first to Alebrijes de Oaxaca for the 2016 Apertura, with which he only added five minutes in Ascenso MX, as well as making his Copa MX debut.

On the way to Apertura 2018, Azulcremas loaned them again, but this time to Necaxa, the team that appointed Marcelo Michel Linio to direct them for that tournament, and who also emerged as a top-tier coach.

Leno and Cordova appeared with the Hydercalind in the MX Super Cup 2018. They competed for that tournament against Monterrey. Sebastian was the key to that commitment and after just 25 minutes into the match, he scored the only goal of the commitment to award the title to Aguascalientes.

After the MX Super Cup, Cordova was not called up for the first two matches of Apertura 2018, but was taken to the bench for the third match against Lobos BUAP on August 4, 2018. Sebastian, with the number ’22’ on his back, came onto the field of play for Marcelo Allende in the minute 75, and at that time the match was 0-0. However, the rays prevailed with much solitude Dieter Villalbando in total time.

Cordova won within minutes of his work in the MX Super Cup and his first appearance in the First Division, the category in which he debuted as top scorer on September 22, 2018 against Toluca. That day, Rays’ 22″ replaced Daniel Alvarez at 28″. Only 12 minutes on the field was enough to open the scoring. However, the Devils came from behind and held onto the three points after winning 3-2.

Linio led 19 matches in Necaxa, with seven wins, three draws and nine defeats. Of all the matches in which Marcelo Michel played on the bench at Rogblanco, Cordova played eleven.

The two will meet again three years after that experience, which was their first appearance in the first division. However, they would now be on opposite teams. Leno will continue on the bench, but now in Guadalajara as interim coach and Cordova on the field with a “10” on the back of America’s shirt.

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