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Keri Irving Missed Brooklyn Nets’ “Media Day” After Failing to Provide Proof of Vaccine

Brooklyn, New York – The star of the Brooklyn Nets, Keri Irving, did not attend the team’s “media day” at the Barclays Center on Monday due to COVID-19 protocols in New York City, and declined to discuss vaccination status or its intentions to address the matter.

Last month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an executive order requiring New York-based professional athletes who exercise or play indoors to show evidence of at least one vaccine.

Speaking on Zoom, Irving repeatedly asked for privacy when asked about the situation and indicated that he intends to reveal more information at a later time.

“I know I will be there every day no matter what and I will be there for my teammates as one of the leaders,” he stressed.

“I know the focus has to be at its highest, without any distractions. This is the last thing I wanted to create, it was more distractions and more fuss and more drama about this. I do my best to keep this with good intentions. And kind hearted” Irving said.

Sources told ESPN that the star is expected to travel with the team to San Diego later on Monday and participate in the team’s training camp this week.

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