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Juan Reynoso read the primer for Uriel Antona who promised to do well in Cruz Azul

Uriel Antuna arrives at Cruz Azul He was involved in controversy. The player left Chivas de Guadalajara, accused of indiscipline; Sources confirmed that Brujo put the women in the Concentration Hotel, and that this cost him the departure of the herd and subsequent signing by the Machine.

For this reason, Juan Reynoso confirmed in a press conference that he had already read Antona’s card and that he asked for discipline, but he trusts that his new striker is organized, professional and only has a bad image. “We had a precedent where They told us the same thing that he had indiscipline issues and it was different things, which was the case of Alexis Peña“, I started.

“He was always professional with us, There were no complaints in or out of training and with Uriel hopefully it will be the same. We’ve talked about the moments he’s in, the talent he has, the demand he’s going to make of us for him, and that he should make of us too. He is a boy with enormous potential, a different talent in what the genetics of a Mexican player are.”DT has been added.

But what does Reynoso expect? “Often the scandal ends up doing more harm than the truth itself; I’m sure at different times the players have been somewhat undisciplined and when it goes beyond that, the bad picture emerges. There are many players who have more indiscipline, but since they were more conservative, we have the same seriousness. With all that has happened, Uriel has to be smart to efficiently manage times and with this will improve his image and performance., hill.

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What did Antona say?

In his first interview as a Cruz Azul player, Uriel Antuna confirmed that he had never felt the support of Chivas. “I I’ve never felt so closed off. That they have that confidence in me. With technicians, yes, I’ve always had this good communication that things said beforehand. I have no complaints, I have nothing against them, and I do not know if they are against me, because the truth is that I do not know. I had some omissions, because it could have happened to anyone, and I tried to take advantage of the best and learn from mistakes, was highlighted in a conversation with TUDN.

“You learn from mistakes and that’s what happened to me, I had to learn the hard way and you have to correct those mistakes that cross you out somehow. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you live daily, but The press focuses more on what you do bad than what you do wellEl Brujo added on his arrival at Cruz Azul.

What do you promise fans? Antona pointed out that “I am more mature, more mindful, and more committed to giving my best. Reverse that bad image they have of me, so that they see that this was not what happened or that I am not what the press says. The way the gameplay defines myself, I like it because of the straightforward way, I feel it adapts a bit more to the gameplay”.

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