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Joe Biden denies Donald Trump used ‘executive privilege’ to keep his communications secret while storming the Capitol | Univision Politics News

White House Joe Biden announced that it would not prevent the House of Representatives from obtaining information on communications from Donald Trump From the past on January 6, The day of the attack on the Capitol, because it considers that the use of the so-called “executive privilege” that the former president requests to apply to keep it secret is not justified.

“The President has determined that the assertion of executive privilege is not warranted with respect to the first set of Trump White House documents provided to us by the National Archives,” presidential press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.

“We will evaluate franchise issues on a case-by-case basis, but the president has also made clear that he believes it is critical to Congress and the American people to have a full understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening again.”

Executive privilege is the number the administration uses to protect the president’s communications with his advisors and other senior officials in order not to expose information that could harm national security or the conduct of state affairs.

Former President Trump’s legal team moved to block some of the requests by invoking executive privilege, which allows presidents and their aides to evade congressional oversight.

Investigation on January 6

In this case, the Biden government believes that what happened inside the Trump White House must be accessed on January 6 as hordes of the former president’s henchmen stormed the Capitol, at a time when the official process of ratifying the results of the presidential election was underway. Presidential lessons November 2020 That gave the winning Democratic candidate.

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Shortly before that, President Trump gave a speech to his followers in which he ordered them to appear at Capitol Hill to demand what he described (and still classifies) as “electoral fraud.” This stance led Trump to a second impeachment in Congress. And although he was saved from eventual punishment in the Senate, the accusation was supported by many members of his party.

With this decision, the White House authorizes the National Archives to hand over responsibility to Selection of the House of Representatives Committee Who investigates in that episode all the official documents detailing the actions and contacts made by the former president during the revolution against Congress.

Members of Congress’ request, filed in August, of Twitter messages and public statements (which are part of the collective field) looks at the list of phone calls or visitors to the White House that day.

According to various media, citing sources familiar with the operation, the National Archives has been providing information to the parties (representatives of Trump and the current White House) since September 8.

According to NBC News, Trump’s representatives reportedly said the former president would seek to exercise an executive right over some of the documents, but the White House has concluded that the lien is unwarranted for any of the articles.

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