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Jamie Spears has been suspended as Britney’s legal guardian

Finally, after several attempts, the judge suspended his work Jimmy Spears As the legal guardian of Britney Spears.

Now and temporarily the chartered accountant John Zabel will get Britney’s guardianship. The singer and her lawyer Matthew Rosengart, They chose Zabel, who would now be responsible for the singer’s entire financial part.

Britney deserves to wake up tomorrow to the news that her father is no longer her legal guardian. Matthew Rosengart, who described Jimmy Spears as a man”Cruel, poisonous and abusive“.

The judge’s decision means that Jimmy Spears will not be Britney’s legal guardian, but The singer remains under legal guardianship.

The public guardianship Britney is divided into two parts: the economical type – which Jimmy Spears used to wear, and from now on he will wear John ZabelAnd the personality – which indicates their physical and mental health, and he is responsible for the lawyer Judy Montgomery (Determined long ago by the Los Angeles Court) -.

WLStatement n issued on June 30 By Lauiann Wright, Attorney at Judy Montgomery (Yes, Britney’s personal guardian has her own attorney), she made clear that no decision that would affect or benefit the singer could be made without Jamie Spears’ approval.

After the session, Rosengart announced to fans that the next session would be on November 12, when they would seek Britney to be completely free of guardianship.

Fans of Britney Spears gathered in front of a Los Angeles court to support her, although this time she did not appear to the public. Photo: AFP

Britney’s fight for her freedom

This week, lawyer Britney Spears, Matthew Rosengart wrote a document that says so Jimmy Spears It was due to be suspended on September 29, protection Because “every day he spends as a teacher is a day he inflicts anguish and pain on his daughter.”

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last friday, documentary film subordinate The New York Times named Take control of Britney Spears She revealed that Jamie Spears has secretly installed surveillance devices in Britney’s room to record her conversations, as well as spying on her cell phone.

On the other hand, the documentary Britney vs SpearsAnd from Netflix, revealed that Britney twice tried to hire her own attorney in the early years of the guardianship, but was refused.

In July 2021, Britney Spears He was able to choose his attorney (Rosengart) and in September, Jimmy Spears has personally petitioned to stop being his daughter’s guardian.

Here we summarize the case in less than 6 minutes:

The only time we heard Britney talk about her

After 13 years of guardianship, Britney Spears He was able to raise his voice and tell everyone what it was like to live under his father’s tutelage.

In June 2021, Britney has made it clear that under this guardianship she has no possibility to make decisions like anyone else in her personal life, work, or in matters of physical or mental health and assets.

“I’m not happy. I can’t sleep, I’m so angry and depressedBritney said at the session. “I want my life back. All I want is to have my money and my friend to be able to drive me. I want to sue my family.”

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