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Jamie Spears’ attorney calls Britney Spears’ guardianship suspension a ‘loss’

(CNN) – Britney Spears’ father replied to her Comment as a guardian Of his daughter’s estimated assets of $60 million.

Jamie Spears’ lawyer called Judge Brenda Penny’s ruling Wednesday a “loss” for the singer.

“Mr. Spears unconditionally loves his daughter Britney. For thirteen years, he has tried to do what is best for her, either as a guardian or as a parent,” Vivian Touraine, Jimmy Spears’ attorney, told CNN in a statement. “Anyone who has tried to help a family member cope with their mental health issues can appreciate the tremendous amount of anxiety and daily work that this requires. For Mr. Spears, this also means biting his tongue and not responding to all that is wrong, speculative and vital. Baseless attacks her by certain members of the public, the media or, more recently, Britney’s lawyer himself.”

Her statement continued: “These facts make the outcome of yesterday’s hearing even more disappointing and frankly a loss for Britney. Respectfully, the court erred in Mr. Spears’ comment, putting a stranger in his place to manage Britney’s property and extending the same guardianship Britney asked the court to terminate earlier this summer. “.

The court appointed John Zabel, a certified public accountant – chosen by Britney Spears and her lawyer – to temporarily oversee her finances. A hearing to review the termination of your guardianship is scheduled for November 12.

“Despite the suspension, Mr. Spears will continue to serve his daughter’s best interests and will work in good faith to find a positive resolution of all matters,” Turin said.

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How did Britney Spears’ guardianship start and what comes next 11:16

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