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Jaime Echenique played in NBA: Wizards vs. Cleveland – Other Sports – Sports

name of Jaime Echnik You will remain in history Colombian sports And NBA, the best basketball in the world, after Thursday became the first Colombian player to participate in a match in this tournament.

Barranquero was part of the Washington Quartet, which he played the match against Cavaliers de Cleveland. He played 3 minutes 4 seconds, he’ll never forget it, and it will be marked forever.

Statistics don’t matter

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Echenek entered the fourth game of the match and the quintet helped his team achieve a 110-93 victory, but the result is not what does not matter, the key is that Echenek opened the doors that were closed to him and the others.

He did not do much, the zero mark was noted in the statistics of the Colombian, but that was not the key either, because he played, and he stomped on a wood in a shirt NBA team.

Echenique was urgently summoned. Witches leaders summoned him to sign for 10 days, after the squad was downsized due to some players becoming infected. COVID-19.

Bradley Beal was the key player in the winner, scoring 29 points, followed by Kyle Kuzma who was on the edge of the contender with 25 points.

With 11 points, Daniel Gafford contributed while Echenique was dying to enter.

But it was his turn and he entered the field to be a milestone for being the first Colombian basketball player to play a game in the NBA.

Echenique will be another option for Saturday’s Washington Wizards against Chicago Bulls, or Monday, against Charlotte Hornets.

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