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Italy vs. Spain – Match Report – October 6, 2021

The Spanish team carried out the sweetest revenge, ending Italy’s historic streak unbeaten at home, conquering San Siro to settle outstanding accounts from the European Cup with weakness Ferran Torres And a proof of the football style that overcame all the circumstances in which Luis Enrique faced the quarter-finals in the Nations League.

Football is one city for Spain. He’s targeted her since the non-award winning exhibition at Wembley in the semi-finals of the last European Championship. Those penalties left Luis Enrique’s group on the cusp of glory when they deserved it. Without key players in his plan, he achieved what seemed impossible, to turn Italy into a terrestrial ground in his field. He would never have achieved it in an official match, 50 years earlier in a friendly match.

37 consecutive unbeaten Italian matches decimated by Spain based on their belief in a philosophy that is maintained despite losses and overpowered everything and with the reinforcement of Luis Enrique in decisions that caused a stir. dry, the rookie with 17 years and 62 days, gave reason in the field to the selector. With a deception unsuitable for his age, he shined where it was less common but where Italy demanded, in a defensive act, without anyone frightening him.

And in the absence of a pure 9, Luis Enrique’s real top scorer, Ferran Torres, appeared with records. His double makes him a benchmark, 12 goals in 21 games showing the importance of the footballer who left the squad and ate the heart of the Italian midfielder. Without Chiellini beginning to surprise everyone and Bonucci misleading with the ball as when measuring his game in yellow. On the brink of a break, he took out his elbow in a jump with Busquets and left his team on edge, seconds before receiving the second goal.

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No duel lowers the level between two teams like Spain and Italy, and even less at San Siro, with the last chapters hinting at a clash of greatness. The stars were absent from the field due to injuries, but it didn’t matter for the gritty approach, as Luis Enrique’s men grabbed the key ball again, served up, and eliminated the opponent with a masterfully executed high press.

Despite the fact that the first occasion was Italian, with a dry shot from Barilla taking it with an outstretched Unai, Spain stopped nothing. Marcos Alonso Turn the game to the left by doing everything right. Each climb cautiously, passing into space, resolute in defense and quick to stop counterattacks. From seeing him the first was born, when Sarabia brought her back but Oyarzabal ran to Bastogne.

Gavi showed an inappropriate act to his national manager, stopping the only action by the disappeared Chiesa that should be a reference but appeared to have fallen on the sidelines and far from his sphere of influence. To her, in the other area, Ferran Torres seemed to have finished off a great position from Oyarzabal. It was the 17th minute and the play was born of course Marcos Alonso.

Wembley champion Donnarumma was nervous. A whistle by his fans for his decision to leave Milan to play with Paris Saint-Germain. Without a rhythm in the matches, his pulse trembled two minutes after the first goal, before a left-footed shot from Marcos Alonso did not stop the firewood.

Italy, which could not salvage their football without overcoming the Spanish approach, had to take a step forward and risk a fast counterattack of Ferran. Their best moments were born from inaccuracies in the ball out but between Unai and the Post they avoided an equalizer from Bernardeschi and Insigne and forgave what the striker shouldn’t, with everything to score with the undefeated Spanish goalkeeper.

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There was no time for doubt as Gavi restored respect at the San Siro in a transitional period which Oyarzabal headed with a low shot by Donnarumma and a poor decision by Bonucci that cost him his dismissal. The match faced Spain and dealt a knockout in overtime from the first term. Again Oyarzabal’s measured touch of Ferran’s head to place the signature on the second.

With a pass to the final in his pocket and a rivalry between France and Belgium awaited, the Spain meeting eschews Italy’s ruthlessness with an eye on the clock. But no matter the circumstances, the Italian character always makes sure that he falls to his feet in case of defeat. He raised the intensity to the extent allowed by the referee and Mancini’s changes increased muscle, with Kane biting and increasing verticality.

Yeremy Pino joined the premiere of Gavi, another breath of fresh air with an attacking quality. He did everything well, even a corner-blocking mistake that resulted in a two-to-one goal and Pellegrini’s fun goal with seven minutes to go.

The punishment was for Spain’s only flaw, the lack of force in the actions that Spain had to crush. Oyarzabal sent a gift from Jeremi to the side of the net and Donnarumma showed off a left-footed shot from Marcos Alonso who only lacked the goal that shaped his brilliant game.

With the San Siro stands revived, and their team pushed to the finish, Italy fought until the last minute but Spain was unhurt and secured a pass to the final. Nine years later, he had the opportunity to win a title again after executing a beautiful revenge.

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