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INTERPOL issues a red locator card against Laura Bozzo | people | entertainment

A federal judge has ordered Pozzo’s arrest after he was linked to the sale of a property seized by authorities.

France Press agency

Interpol has issued a red site card against Peruvian-born TV presenter Laura Pozo, who is wanted by Mexican authorities for tax evasion.

Last Tuesday, diplomatic sources confirmed to France Press agency The driver’s file was released to be searched in 195 countries.

According to the Mexican press, a federal judge recently ordered the arrest of Pozo after he was linked to the sale of a property confiscated by Mexican tax authorities.

The property secured the payment of a tax debt of 12.7 million pesos (about $627.00).

Pozo, 69, gained fame in the late 1990s for hosting controversial talk shows that were broadcast in several Latin American countries and touched on many social issues.

The anchor later arrived in Mexico where she broadcast similar programs on the country’s two major networks, TV Azteca and Televisa.

However, his stay in the country was controversial. In 2013, it was heavily criticized for using an official helicopter to implement a program in the southern state of Guerrero after it was hit by a hurricane.

On September 21, the Mexican press reported that singer Gloria Trevi is also facing an investigation in Mexico for tax evasion and money laundering. (I)

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