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IndyCar. What does Pato Award need to be a champion?

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This weekend is going to be full of emotions and contention for a championship IndyCar 2021 In Long Beach, where the Mexican Patricio Ord He has great chances of becoming the first Mexican to win that title, but it will all depend on doing things well and a bit of luck on the slopes.

Pato has five podiums and two wins, and on Sunday the Monterrey-born will attempt the feat to claim the championship title. IndyCar 2021 And for that, you just have to win everything and wait, but if you don’t, there are up to four different formulas that can give you the title in a hurry. McLaren, Who fights it with the Spanish Alex Ballou Even if things don’t go as he thought Joseph Newgarden It could be a big surprise.

What does Pato Award need to be a champion?

It should be noted that on this last date lex Palou reaches 517 points, While Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali 482 And Joseph Newgarden with 469 points.

  • Win and add the extra 4 points (1st place and more spins) and make Palou finish in 12 without extra points, 13 if he adds extra point or worse scenario. (536 vs 534 points)
  • Win and add three extra points (led more laps) and make Balu finish 13th with no extra points, at 15 if he adds 2 points or worse (535 vs 534).
  • Earn and add 2 extra points (Pole position and led lap) and get Palou in 14 without extra points, at 17 without adding 2 points or worse (534 vs 533 points).
  • Win and add 1 extra point (progress in the last round and occupy Palo 15 with no extra points; if added, it must be 19 or less (533 points vs. 532 points)
  • He finished second with the four extra points (1st place and more laps, Balu finished 22nd with no extra points, 23 if he scored one point or worse (526 vs 525)
  • He finished second with 3 extra points (led more laps) and Balu finished in 23 with no extra points, 25 or worse regardless of what extra points he adds (525 vs 524 pips)
  • Finish 2nd with 2 extra points (1st place and leaderboard roll) and for Balu to finish 24th with no extra points, 25, 26, 27 or 28 without adding more than 1 extra point (524 vs 523 points)
  • He finished second with an extra point (advanced lap) and Baloo finished at 25, 26, 27 or 28 without adding extra points (523 vs. 522 points) Newgarden can’t achieve victory with maximum points.
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Where do you watch the race?

This Sunday, September 26, on Channel 6 of Multimediaos.

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