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In Cuba there is not even paper for supply books for 2022

the Cubans in sagebrush and kamagi received a statement about The shortage of imported raw materials for Printing, preparing and distributing supply notebooks by 2022.

According to the official note, there are “Delays in importing raw materials for this reason From January, the winery’s product annotations will be placed on the pages of January and February 2021.

To avoid confusion with products purchased in 2021, they will be crossed out before entries are made in 2022. The number 22 will be reflected in the annotations, to indicate the year it corresponds to, then the product, the quantity to be sent and the date of purchase. Example: 22-Rice 28/30″, select the phrase.

Once the 2022 notebooks are delivered to consumers, they will proceed to update the sales annotations that have been made.It is a process that should not go beyond January 30, 2022,” added the memo, which requested “ensure timely detection of the population and compliance with this measure.”

The same statement was copied by the media and local entities of Artemisa and Camaguey.

“Allah, We don’t have supply book paper, something as simple as that, what to say about food for 2022Elizabeth Fellowes said on cable From artemisinio. “Really? October chicken and diabetic milk?” asked Noima Gonzalez.

A massive “reorder” comes at the head of the shortage book, as winemakers and consumers classes begin on December 31 at 12:00 a.m. “Just like coffee, Cuba is a coffee-producing country, we have to wait for raw materials to arrive from abroad”;Pussy, as ugly as she is, I never thought she was importedSeveral Cubans commented on the newspaper “The Century” Facebook social networking site Provincial Government of People’s Power in Camaguey.

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