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How Much Money Did Antonio Brown Lose By Leaving The Pirates?

The wide receiver won’t be able to gather as many incentives as he was about to hit this season

Broad recipient history Antonio Brown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers It came to an end, but at what cost?

resolution Brown From He abandons his team in the middle of the match Against the New York Jets, including taking him off his uniform and walking off the field topless, would cost the big receiver a chance to win. 1 million dollars.

Brown He had the possibility of charging Three contractual incentives If he achieves his goals before the end of the regular season.

According to Adam Shifter ESPNAnd Brown I’m programmed to win Three incentives amounting to $333,333 All for receptions, receiving yards and landings.

Brown Needed to reach 50 receptions, 800 yards and seven touchdowns, however, beyond him precipitate departure subordinate pirate, finished with 42 receptions for 545 yards and five touchdowns (one of them on the ground).

that by saying, Brown He’s had eight receptions, 155 yards and two touchdowns away from winning a million dollars with a half-game against the Jets and Week 17 game against the Carolina Panthers in front of him and with several injuries on wide, including Chris Goodwin with a knee injury.

In their previous duel against the Panthers, in a 32-6 win in favor of pirate at week 16, Brown He had 10 receptions and 101 yards.

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Last season , Brown He earned a $250,000 bonus in the regular season finale against the Atlanta Falcons after collecting three assists from Tom Brady in the game’s final series.

In addition to your incentives, Brown He also lost about $320,000 after being suspended for three matches for falsifying his COVID-19 vaccination status.

Brown Left without the possibility of collecting incentives after the technical director of pirateBruce Ariane confirmed late in the game in front of the Jets that the catcher “It’s not more bok“.

Information from Adam Shifter was used in writing this note.

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