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“How can Apple remove this essential feature from a $2000 phone?”: User discovers a defect in iPhone 13


4 ene 2022 23:06 GMT

The failure was reported by the iPhone 13 Pro Max owner, who sounded the alarm via social network Reddit.

Reddit user identified as ‘u/throwawayowl999’ alerted in file publishing On December 23, that all iPhone 13 models lack a front-facing microphone, which is used to cancel noise during calls.

The netizen confirms it Previous versions Owns So Job, necessary so that the interlocutor can clearly hear the other person when the conversation is taking place from a noisy place through, for example, the FaceTime video calling application.

“How can Apple get this essential feature out of a $2000 phone in 2021?” , reads the text, ensuring that all kinds of voices are heard that do not allow for smooth communication when speaking with iPhone 13 Pro Max. “It feels like the good old days of Alcatel,” he adds.

In this sense, “u/throwawayowl999” argues that it’s a mobile phone, so making calls is an essential function. He also notes that at first he thought his device was defective, but then went to the store and found that it wasn’t, a fact that surprised him.

“How can this not happen in all the media?” How do iPhone 13 users not notice that . files Calls look like garbage? Well, I guess I also blamed my provider at first because I didn’t believe it.”

Finally, the author of the post indicated that he contacted Apple customer service, which confirmed that the engineers of the American company are working on it, although they told him, for the time being, that they still do not know if it was a “software problem or a hardware problem”. They also informed him that there should be a fix in the next few weeks.

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