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Health announces plan to address long-term effects of COVID-19

After recording a week-long rise from 2% to 4.6% in positive COVID-19 tests in Puerto Rico, the Department of Health called a press conference on pandemic management Thursday.


It was reported that Minister Carlos Melado Lopez will present in detail a plan to address the long-term effects of the coronavirus with Chief Medical Officer Iris Cardona.

The conference was scheduled to take place at 4:00 p.m. at the agency’s headquarters in San Juan.

Various sectors of scientific professionals have called for a review of the case of fully vaccinated people, including proof that a booster dose was given in the requirement. These sectors including the Scientific Alliance, a group that advises the government on the pandemic.

They have also suggested that for group events that can cause crowds, a booster dose is necessary.

Health confirmed the development of the COVID-19 outbreaks on Wednesday Associated with the Miss World event and concerts for the urban foundations of Bad Bunny. There is also an outbreak among members of the Major League Baseball Roberto Clemente.

Likewise, according to the agency’s latest weekly epidemiological surveillance report, there has been an increase in outbreaks among travelers. This coincides with the confirmation of the existence of an omicron variant in Puerto Rico. This variant is twice as infectious as delta and four times more contagious than the original mutation, according to preliminary studies.

Faced with this situation, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend vaccination as the main prevention tool. In Puerto Rico, Salud focused his efforts on booster doses and vaccination of children.

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