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Government exempts term medical package for immigrants seeking permanent residence | Univision Immigration News

The Immigration Service has announced that it has temporarily waived the requirement that the duration of the medical package for lawful permanent residence (green card or green card) applicants should not exceed 60 days.

The measure was taken to assist migrants affected by the pandemic and to receive health certificates after the required deadlines.

USCIS has temporarily waived the requirement for civilian physicians to sign Form I-693 (Medical Examination Report and Immunization Record) 60 days before the applicant submits a Form for Essential Immigration Benefits (which includes Form I-485, Application for Permanent Resident Registration or adjusting status), until September 30, 2022.”

“Among the requirements for immigrants who process a green card, a medical examination package is included,” explains Jose Guerrero, an immigration attorney who works in Miami (Florida).

“The documents that go inside the parcel, which are sent with all case documents, bear medical certificates and proof of vaccinations. The signature of the doctor should not stop for 60 days, according to the regulation. But now they have excused that until the end of September next year,” he added.

“Many immigrants who have caused delays in examinations or receipt of the package due to the pandemic, and when they gather and send them, the documents pass 60 days after they are signed, they will no longer be rejected. It is certainly good news.”

The federal agency also said the temporary decision also allows documents to be submitted “even if a certified civil doctor signed the documents more than 60 days ago.” In this case, immigrants seeking a green card “should not repeat the medical examination if Form I-693 is still valid.”

Among the group of immigrants benefiting from the exemption are “Afghan nationals evacuated under Operation Allies Welcome (OAW), who have completed immigration medical examinations at government-run facilities, but have not yet been able to apply for adjustment of status within 60 days of completing the examination. medical,” USCIS said.

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