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Gold from Venezuela: UK Supreme Court partly agrees with Guaido but doesn’t decide who controls bullion in Bank of England

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Nicolás Maduro’s government claims that the Venezuelan central bank should manage the gold in the Bank of England.

A long-running legal dispute in the UK over who controls more than $1 billion in gold that Venezuela has deposited with the Bank of England is advancing, but remains undetermined.

This Monday, the UK’s Supreme Court ruled in part in favor of the opposition leader Juan Guaidówho appealed to the Supreme Court in the dispute over whether he or the president Nicolas Maduro Who should control the gold deposited in London?

The Supreme Court agreed with Guaido because it maintains that the British government’s recognition of the opponent as the interim president is “unequivocally clear”, and thus accepted the appeal following a lower court’s decision.

According to the Supreme Court, British courts are obligated to accept that the British government does not recognize Maduro as president.

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