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France identifies a new type of COVID-19 called IHU

Paris – New type of files COVID-19 French researchers have been identifying for a few weeks, drawing from another case whose first cases were discovered in the Republic of the Congo last September.

The Institute of University Hospital Marseille, at the origin of this discovery, announced on December 9 on its Twitter account that it baptized this variant with its own abbreviation, IHU.

Its researchers at the end of last month published a pre-study, still awaiting peer validation, on an “IHU variant” named B.1.640.2 about which very little is still known, given the limited number of recorded cases.

According to this Center for Infectious Diseases, created and directed by controversial doctor Didier Raoult, the first such cases discovered by scientists occurred in the town of Forcalquier, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

It is known that dozens of them are associated with trips to Cameroon in the Marseille region.

This variant contains 46 mutations, more than the omicron, a derivative of B.1.640 that was present at the end of September in the Republic of the Congo.

One of the distinguishing elements of the ‘IHU variant is that one of its mutations is associated with a possible increase in virus transmission.

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