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F1 rating. Where will Checo Perez appear? | European Union Grand Prix

Mexico City /

improvement Sergio “Chico” Perez Confirmed in rating United States Grand Prix, where he managed to put himself in third place from the starting grid, just behind him Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton After a great session.

And so the Mexican concluded a great job for the American race, because he showed it His RB16B is ready to compete on the podium on Sunday with times that They got him excited about his first pole in Formula 1.

On the penultimate lap of Q3, The Czech Republic set a record of 1.33.180, only 19K behind Verstappen, although they are in the last round The Dutchman as Hamilton They took out the monster they carried inside to improve the record.

Tournament Leader He achieved a time of 1.32.910 on the last lap, While In 0.209 seconds it was HamiltonThe historical dominance of the Austin circuit already 0.224 seconds perezHe fought to the end to get his first place.

shone from free checo

Friday, Mexican It was marked as the fastest In the second free training session, while This Saturday he repeated in the third as the bestAnd only managed to lose that spot in the last round of the third quarter.

When is the US Grand Prix?

  • date: October 24, 2021.
  • Location: Circuit of the Americas, Austin.
  • hour: 2:00 p.m. Central Mexico time.
  • where do you see: Streaming via Star+ and in the Formula 1 app, both for a cost.

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