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EU imposes sanctions on Telcor, CSE, police and seven Ortega officials

On Monday, January 10, the European Union imposed sanctions on seven high-ranking officials of the Nicaraguan regime, including two children of the presidential couple – Laureano and Camila Ortega Murillo – as well as three institutions: the National Police, and the Supreme Council of Ministers. The Electoral Council (CSE) and the Nicaraguan Institute of Communications and Postal Services (Telcor).

List completed: Luis Angel Montenegro, Superintendent of Banks; Nhima Janet Diaz-Flores, Director of Telcor; and three judges from the Electoral Authority, Lumberto Ignacio Campbell-Hooker, Brenda Isabel Rocha Chacon, and Cairo Amador Arrieta, the latter being President and Vice-President of the Supreme Electoral Council, respectively.

The Council of the European Union, which includes member states, noted in a statement that those sanctioned are “responsible for gross violations of human rights, including the repression of civil society, support for fraudulent presidential and parliamentary elections, and the undermining of democracy and governance”. of the law “in Nicaragua.

In the note, the Council states that, last November, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, noted that Nicaragua’s elections “were held without democratic guarantees and that their results lacked legitimacy”.

“The Nicaraguan government has denied the Nicaraguan people their civil and political right to vote in credible, inclusive, fair and transparent elections, as well as their freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly,” the statement stated.

The assets of those subject to the sanctions have been frozen, in addition, EU citizens and companies are subject to a ban on making funds available to them.

Three rounds of penalty kicks

This is the third round of sanctions imposed by the European Union on the Ortega regime since 2020. With these seven new sanctions, the number rises to 21 high-ranking officials sanctioned by the European Union.

The first European sanctions took place in May 2020. On that date, six high-ranking officials were sanctioned, among them the Director of the National Police, First Commissioner Francisco Díaz, as well as Commissioners General Luis Alberto Pérez Olivas, head of the Directorate of Legal Aid (DAJ); Justo Pastor Urbina, head of the Directorate of Special Operations (DOEP), and Ramon Avellan, deputy director of the National Police. The list is supplemented by the presidential couple’s close collaborator, Nestor Moncada Lau, and former Minister of Health, Sonia Castro.

The second round of sanctions in August 2021, Among them were eight senior officials, including Vice President and First Lady Rosario Murillo and her son Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo.

Completes the list by Alba Luz Ramos Vanegas, President of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ); Bayardo Ars Castano, Presidential Adviser on Economic Affairs; Gustavo Porras Cortes, President of the National Assembly; Anna Julia Guido Ochoa, Prosecutor; the Commissioners General Fidel Dominguez Alvarez, Chief of Police in Lyon; and Juan Antonio Valle Valle, Head of Monitoring and Patrols.

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