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Encontronazo between Burbu and El Guitarreño live in “Pégate al Mediodía”

Actress and entrepreneur Angelique “La Bourgo” Burgos and comedian Alfonso Alemán had their teams once again live on air during the broadcast of “Pégate al Mediodía”.

The incident occurred today when Aleman, with his character “El Guitarreño”, was upset because La Burbu interrupted his clip and took the opportunity to promote an article he was wearing (hat).

“I will ask you please not to do this again. Because this is unprofessional and I would like to speak with Gilda (Santini) about this,” Aleman told the host. Gilda Santini is the show’s producer.

The comedian seemed even more annoyed when Angelique took off his hat and started peeling it off.

Al-Yaman warned him: “You do not take any of your clothes from anyone.” Then he apologized to the guest politicians in his class and began walking out of the studio.

“What’s wrong with you today? … Are you serious that you are doing this drama live? Are you serious?” Bubbly asked in astonishment.

This isn’t the first time that both stars are in a head-to-head encounter. In 2012, the model threw several dominoes at the comedian and they had a slight struggle, causing the second to injure his lip.

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