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Elizabeth II, upset by those who “speak but not act” before COP26

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her dismay at world leaders who “talk” about climate change “but don’t act”, in a private conversation about COP26 captured on the sidelines of an official event and broadcast by British media on Friday.

After the new legislative session of Welsh regional parliament opened in Cardiff on Thursday, the 95-year-old spoke with Camilla, daughter-in-law of Carlos, and Ellis Jones, president of the Welsh Chamber.

“I’ve heard all about the COP” and “I still don’t know who is coming” to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 31st of October to 12 November, when she is expected to attend a television camera microphone. Leaders like US President Joe Biden.

“We only know who doesn’t come… It’s really annoying when they talk but don’t act,” he added.

Among the leaders who have not yet confirmed their attendance are Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prince Charles, 72, and a longtime environmental activist, called on world leaders this week to “get into business”.

William, the king’s grandson and second-in-line to the British throne, stepped in, asking for more than just “words”.

The 39-year-old prince criticized the race for space tourism on Thursday.

A day after actor William Shatner made a few-minute flight into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket, he asked “some of the smartest minds and brains in the world to focus on trying to fix this planet, not on trying to find the next place to live.”

The Speaker of the Welsh Parliament spoke to the Queen about this rare frontal attack by Prince William, which has raised several blisters.

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“Yes, I read it,” Elizabeth II replied with a smile.

The Queen, Carlos and Guillermo are scheduled to attend COP26.

The conference will seek to motivate major developing economies to do more to reduce carbon emissions and get rich countries to contribute billions of dollars to help the most disadvantaged adapt to climate change.

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