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Elche vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – October 30, 2021

(EFE). – Real Madrid continues its siege on the leadership of the Spanish League after its victory in Elche thanks to two goals from Vinicius Jr (1-2) in a comfortable but secret match for Carlo Ancelotti’s team, which was enough to attack Martinez Valero.

The Madrid team that lost to Rodrigo Because of the injury, he resorted to the superb form of Vinicius and the appearance of Courtois in the crucial moments to stop Elche who tried everything despite playing half an hour with a lesser player due to the sending off of Raul Guti.

Carlo Ancelotti’s team started the dominant match, monopolizing possession of the ball and threatening with a long shot from Rodrigo that went out of the top. Kiko Casella.

Little by little, Elche, very withdrawn and supportive in defensive aid, was balancing the game and exploiting every loss of the opponent’s ball to seek the counterattack.

Lucas Pouillet, a quarter of an hour later, got his first domestic opportunity after a personal action culminating in a powerful shot that Courtois fired with reflexes.

The response of Real Madrid, who lost Brazilian Rodrygo to injury a few minutes ago, was no stronger than that.

Casemiro took advantage of Mujica’s mistake to send the ball to him Mariano, who left Vinicius with a touch of enthusiasm before Kiko Casella, who was defeated by the Brazilian with a cross.

Elche suffered from the emotional impact, and Real Madrid, now with more space, had the option of hitting Mariano, who, after turning around the local goalkeeper, hit the ball, now without an angle, into the side of the net.

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Real Madrid felt comfortable in the match and allowed Elche to be reborn in attack thanks to Pastore’s stop and the arrival of Mujica to the winger, whose midfield did not find successful shots.

Elche, before Madrid relaxed, was back in pursuit of the goal after a fresh individual action by Lucas Pouillet, who did not use a Lucas Perez pass to beat Courtois.

Ancelotti’s team did not risk the least in search of the second goal and was content with the trip in an attack on the left wing, where Marcelo Vinicius put Elche’s rear end in trouble, despite not producing scoring opportunities.

Real Madrid started the second half with a more ambitious position to try to finish the match as quickly as possible. Marcelo, Asensio and Kroos tried their luck without much success.

Arion did not last long for Real Madrid, which again reduced the impulses of his game, allowing Elche to grow in the game, always addicted to the talent of Argentine Lucas Pouille.

Elche, who was about to equalize in two games, was hit again at its best, since Guti was sent off, in the 62nd minute, after seeing the second yellow in an action that was strongly protested by the Elche team.

With a numerical advantage, Real Madrid renewed his team by entering Carvajal and Mendy, and Vinicius, in the 72nd minute, was responsible for judging the match with a new goal after sending Modric.

With 0-2 and one other player, Real Madrid played with pleasure, despite his lack of brilliance. He came back to relax and allowed a serious defensive error mila pearFive minutes from the end, cut the mileage.

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The goal gave excitement to the final stretch of the match, but Real Madrid resisted the last attempts of Elche who flipped in attack in an attempt to save at least one point.

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