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Do you despise Chivas? Sebastian Cordova reacts controversially about his future

Guadalajara Club He was very close to his goal of exchange Uriel Antona to America by Sebastian Cordova, But in the end, the negotiations fell through, leaving the fans of Rujiblanco to hope that sooner or later the signing would become a reality that was initially seen as a disrespect for the rivalry between the two teams. But it ended up being a disappointment for most people.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

Which is that the strong opponent was never convinced of the talent that “Brujo” could bring above Cordova and this made the leadership of Azulcrima back, so they decided to negotiate with Cordova with Tigres de la UANL, at the request of Miguel Herrera They don’t sign anything from a Mexican The most talented today.

Followers of the Holy Herd expressed their unease on social networks Because of the lack of reinforcements and economic shortcomings in the Recent years have limited their employment players, so they ended up soulless when they realized Cordova is further away than ever To join the team led by Marcelo Michel Leno.

Córdova responds with interest in their services

A few days ago, the item that appeared from the eagles was uploaded to your account An Instagram photo that fooled chivahermanos with the phrase “let’s go”, What seemed like a clear message of his supposed arrival Guadalajara, but it was all just good intentions because the news Their access was easing with time.

Now you put a new picture Cordova was the center of attention, posting in the same popular social network a postcard Where he appears with a glass of wine with the word “Enjoy (Enjoy)”, In a clear indication that he only hopes to know his future to be able to join his new team, which everything indicates will be university students, despite Chivas can give a role to the negotiations while arriving at Sultana of the North.

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