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Djokovic’s father compared his son to Jesus for being one step away from being deported from Australia

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Every moment a new chapter is being written in this novel by Novak Djokovic. On this occasion, his family organized a press conference to protest About the case of NolHe is isolated in a hotel in Melbourne. It was all a great show mixed with nationalism, diplomatic scandal and religion.

From Serbia, his father, Sergean Djokovic, his mother, Djijana Djokovic, and his brother, Djorge Djokovic, held a press conference in his defense, all in front of a flag bearing a picture of the tennis player and all in “Novak” jerseys. .

In an energetic tone, the father did not hesitate to come forward and enthroned his son as a martyr for Serbia: “Novak, our pride. Novak is Serbia and Serbia is Novak. “They are trampling on Serbia and in doing so they are trampling on the Serbian people,” he said from a restaurant in Belgrade that belongs to the number one restaurant in the world.

Sardjan continued: “We Serbs are a proud European people. Throughout history we have never attacked anyone, we have only defended ourselves. And that’s what Novak did, our pride, everyone’s pride.”

Sergej Djokovic speaks before the audience to demand the release of his son Novak, in an act full of nationalist expressions.

Serjan Djokovic speaks in front of the audience to demand the release of his son Novak, in an act full of nationalist expressions (Darko Vojnovic /)

Far from lowering his tone, Noel’s father dared to compare Jesus to his son: “Jesus was crucified on the cross, and everything he’s done to him, but he’s still alive among us. Now Novak is crucified, they’re doing everything for him.”

“Novak and his team submitted the same documents as 25 other tennis players (who got exemptions) and they had no problem, just Novak,” he told Sky News.

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Father Djokovic also specifically referred to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “The leader of that faraway land, Scott Morrison… he dared attack Novak and drive him out before he got to his country. They wanted to bring him to his knees, and not just him, but beautiful Serbia. “.

Novak’s brother, Djorge Djokovic, stressed, during this press conference, which was broadcast by the Serbian media and then translated by the Australian press, that it is the “biggest sporting and diplomatic scandal” in history. “He has been treated as a criminal when he is a reasonable and decent man, an athlete who has not endangered lives or committed federal or statutory offences.” Then he addressed the Prime Minister of Australia: “We are human beings and you, sir, are not.”

Srdjan Djokovic is Novak's father.

Srdjan Djokovic is Novak’s father. (AFP/)

Djorjy Djokovic later read a letter written by Novak Djokovic himself, accusing of spirituality: “God sees everything. Morals and morals, the highest ideals, stars that shine towards spiritual ascent. My grace is spiritual and they have material wealth.”

Noel’s mother took the word, saying her son was a “revolutionary who changes the world” and likened her son to a “sacrificial lamb”. The brother even requested a demonstration of support in front of the Serbian Parliament.

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