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Daniel Ortega has been declared elected president of Nicaragua

The Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua (CSE) announced Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo as president and vice president on Friday.

The decision comes after the questionable election on November 7. In the publication of La Gaceta, the CSE Council also announced the election of 91 members to the National Assembly and 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen)

The report explained that the candidates were selected with “wide citizen participation” of 65.26%, although the citizen who monitors Urnas Abertas, who is not recognized by the government, estimates the abstention rate at more than 81%.

According to the official voting results, Daniel Ortega, 76, was re-elected for the third time with 75.8% of the vote, starting a fourth consecutive term on January 10, 2022. For Murillo it will be his second term as Vice President. In this election, the ruling Sandinista Front raised the number of National Assembly seats from 70 to 75 from 91. Of the remaining seats, the Liberal Constitutional Party (PLC) had ten seats left and another six were distributed among four minority forces and were classified as “collaborative”.

The report stated that “the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua highlights the exemplary development of the entire 2021 general election process, in which free, fair and transparent elections were ensured for all Nicaraguans.”

More than 50 countries, including 27 countries of the European Union and 25 member states of the Organization of American States, were unaware of the legality of these elections, arguing that seven presidential candidates were imprisoned between June and October of this year, and are still in prison.

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The elected representatives of the National Assembly are sworn in on January 9, while Ortega and Murillo are sworn in on January 10.

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