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Cuban actor Abel Rodriguez dies in Miami

Cuban actor, Abel Rodriguez, former partner of Edith Masula and father of young presenter Paula Masula, passed away on October 15. In the city of Miami where he resided for years.

Many colleagues shared the news on social networks. Edith Masula just shared a candle on her Instagram stories and put her name on it. While Paula dedicated a few sentimental words to him.

“Some say I have your lips and nose, and those who have known you and talked to me have told me that I reminded them of you, I don’t know, but I don’t doubt it. I must use my imagination, which they say I inherited from you too, to create scenarios with you where I see you long afterwards” , Paula Books.

“When I was young, I would sometimes: you showed up at my school, arrived as a surprise, or visited you, these scenarios are full of funny tales, you may have created them in your mind at some point and maybe they are somewhere. Rest dad, peace and light For your soul I wish you with all my heart. I hope you read this wherever you are.”

Other actors, such as Edwin Fernandez told him: “Abel Rodriguez, my partner, my brother, my archenemy of the Salier de Noche, the prince of foxes, my dear, smiling and damned friend in real life. How sad your passing brother, what an unfair life ‘, he began by saying on Facebook Actor Edwin Fernandez.

“Always funny, smiling, and an excellent actor. What a silly news, brother. And I don’t want them to take what I’m going to say as politics, because I knew your way of thinking, but you were surprised to die outside your home, that’s why I say home and life,” he later added.

“For you and for all my Cuban artists and brothers who live outside their homeland, which is and always will be Cuba. And if something disturbs your family with this, I deeply apologize. But this is how I feel for your departure from your homeland. Rest in peace, my brother.”

Rodriguez was currently living in Miami, after years of working in Colombia. He had recently worked on Plantados, Lilo Villaplana’s latest production in the United States.

He also worked on dozens of novels, some of which had major international repercussions. Celia (2015), El Clon (2010), La viuda de la mafia (2004), El chivo (2014), among others, stand out.

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