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Cruz Azul vs. Lyon – Party Report – November 3, 2021

MEXICO – Champion Cruz Azul battled to the last minute, but between his fans’ actions and his attackers’ lack of goal, he ended up losing 1-0 to Lyon. The result keeps him away from the possibility of entering the positions that give a direct pass to the league and now depends on other results.

As Cruz Azul was all thrown into Rodolfo Cotta’s goal, an anti-gay shriek rang out from the stands of the Azteca Stadium. What caused this the third and fourth time he was heard, the match had to be stopped, reducing the performance of Peruvian team Juan Reynoso.

The behavior of the audience became the climax of the game, because Romulo Otero, Luis Romo and their companions claimed to Fernando Guerrero, impotent, that the game was stopped, but at the same time handcuffed, due to the behavior of their fans. .

The shriek came when Rodolfo Cotta had more contact with the ball, but that was precisely because Cruz Azul was on the Lion’s goal to try the 1-0 victory over the visit, in the first half, thanks to an own goal by Nacho. Rivero. The power that Montoya taught him and pushed Angle there was over.

A pause in homophobic yelling helped Assad regain calm, however Cruz Azul had more chances in a tie, but the champion players were stunned, and the only one who could make the difference was Luis Romo, who broke into the post, in the last minute of play.

The Blue Cross Celestial Machine fell to the lion, among other things, because their fans put their feet in an anti-gay shout.

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