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Crossing the difficult tweets between Senator Hector Acosta and Director of the Social Plan

Director of the Social Assistance Plan in the Presidency of the Republic. Yadira Henriquez, This tweet was described as “unfortunate” Hector AcostaSenator from the state of Monsignor Noel, where the legislator complained about the lack of interest in his ordination.

Acosta wrote the following on Twitter yesterday: “For Ms Yadira Henriquez, Director of Social Plan, Monsignor Noel’s territory does not exist? Well see you there on Monday To take a map and show her where it is“.

In response to the legislator, Henríquez posted a series of messages on his Twitter account exposing the work the agency he runs in the northern province has been doing.

We worked in the mentioned area 24.5 million pesosHe said in one of his tweets.

The director also took the opportunity to explain that the doors of her office are open to receive him, as she did a year ago.

Henríquez went on to say that he would “with pleasure” explain to you in detail the work carried out by Monsignor Nouel’s social assistance scheme. In addition to where, how and what the money was invested.

Finally, the official urged the senator to bring the documents that would make him say for the said institution “the province does not exist”.

“It seems that you do not live in the county to know the effect of the social plan on it; and you obviously have not inquired among the members of the community, the government, the regional office, or the institutions; to know that our business in it is R$24.5 million,” the director wrote to the senator.

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