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Countries that can qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar this date

party for him World Cup Qatar It will continue to take shape in FIFA history in November when eight teams are ranked in UEFA qualifiers In Europe, perhaps the first in CONMEBOL With Brazil, which already has the default pass. This way at the end Close FIFA There will be a total of 11 secrets in addition to the host.

In the UEFA Days 9 and 10 are played, which will determine the course of those who are ranked first, and who therefore earn the right to participate in the Qatar Football Cup 2022. The second places that will attend the Repechage that will play in March will also be determined.

In group A, Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo Fighting with Serbia For the direct ticket with 17 and 16 points, respectively. The advantage of the Portuguese is that they have two games to secure the pass, especially since they both meet on November 14.

He will live in a similar situation Spain And Sweden who are facing each other in order to lead Group B. Both have two matches, the second will be between the two teams in leading technicians. Luis Enrique And Jan Anderson.

Italy And Switzerland Tied with 14 points they will have their main game on Friday 12th November when they face each other. Although the two will have a match later, that match is in Rome The qualification path will be determined in Group C.

France It’s another one I can rank in this Close FIFA. The World Champion He seeks to support his title in Qatar To achieve this, he must maintain his supremacy in the fourth group with Ukraine He is three points behind the lead.

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Belgium In Group E, you are practically guaranteed your ticket to the World Cup by five points Czech Republic. less than sitting Add six points and the Belgians are nothing, everything indicates that the Red Devils are going straight in.

Latest live matches for a place in Qatar will happen in Group G Enter Holland And Norway. The Dutch have two points, but they both play two games and one in between. It must be remembered that it will be important to those who lead them Louis van Gal Classification because they were not in the appointment Russia Three years ago.

The Russia’s choice It is also close to Globalism As long as she doesn’t allow herself access to it Croatia In group H and group I, the England national team He will be looking to dodge Poland chase to finish as captain and secure the ticket to Qatar.

This is how things work in South America

In the CONMEBOL QualifiersAnd Brazil You will achieve a sports spot with a point. This is because it will reach 32 units and none of the selections between 6th and 10th places will reach it.

And Chile Win and lose the Amazon, it will only delay its official entry, because it is difficult to eradicate. On the other hand, if you want to secure the direct pass, you will only have to win Colombia Thursday and you will get your direct ticket.

What happens in CONCACAF and other continental confederations?

employment CONCACAF There can still be no guaranteed ticket at Octagonal, despite the fact that Mexican national team He is a leader. He won’t even win his two matches and he will sport the ticket because there are still nine matches left.

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employment Asia The fifth and sixth days of the second stage will be played, which consists of a total of 10 dates. The winners proceed to the third round where tickets are decided. employment Africa The final qualifiers will be in 2022 as in Oceania Federation.

What teams are already ranked?

Just so far Germany And Denmark categorized into Globalism After winning their group in Knockout in UEFA. Together with the host Qatar They are the only ones who have secured their place.

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