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Confirmation of arrest warrants for Ines Gomez Montt and her husband

(CNN Español) – The Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico officially confirmed Thursday that he had obtained arrest warrants for actress and TV presenter Ines Gomes Montt. her husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez, and five other people, for their possible participation in organized crime and operations with resources from an illicit source.

According to a press release from the foundation, Gomez Montt and her husband are not known by their full names but by Ines “G” and Victor Manuel “A”, three of the other people allegedly involved are already in custody. “In the cases of those who fled the country, the corresponding red file has been obtained, and the response of international cooperation is awaited,” the FGR explained in a statement.

The press release is the first official news the attorney general’s office has on the case, although the Mexican press had already reported the story based on anonymous sources in September, when the judge issued the arrest warrant, and in October, when Mexico asked Interpol To sound a red alert to start the international pickup.

As of Thursday, the official Interpol page where the list of wanted persons is published did not include Gomez Montt or Victor Manuel Alvarez. The couple have been missing from public life for several months and their whereabouts are unknown.

CNN is considering whether they both have legal representation.

In the text, the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that in November 2019 it opened an investigation against these seven people and a series of companies.

“All of these people, both physically and morally, may have colluded to simulate operations and provide resources for that criminal organization; lower tax burdens and hide operations, thus impeding the tracking of those resources.”

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According to the entity, those accused of their involvement “concluded various contracts”, through public officials, with the Decentralized Administrative Authority for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation of the Ministry of the Interior “using online digital tax receipts, which cover up false operations and the emergence of acts of trade and provision of services that were not implemented” .

The purpose, according to the FGR, was money laundering, “to disguise legal profit crimes that did not exist.”

CNN is trying to contact the Department of the Interior’s Decentralized Administrative Authority for Prevention and Social Rehabilitation for comment on the matter.

In his last Instagram post in September, Gomez Montt claimed he was innocent.

“To be clear, I have never stolen pesos. Nor have I received any money from those contracts, let alone seen or owned 3 billion pesos in my life. I am a full-time TV anchor and mother. Under no circumstances do I belong to organized crime.

Karina Maciel collaborated on this report

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