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“Come to Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions League”

Barcelona – Leo Messi, two months after his sudden departure from Barcelona, ​​does not forget the circumstances that led to his divorce from FC Barcelona, ​​and during an interview with Sport newspaper, the first he gives to Spanish media since then. Upon arriving in Paris, he made clear his displeasure with the club’s president, Joan Laporta, who was quick to explain that he had not spoken since August, which made him so ugly that he even said he expected him to play for free. . “These words were out of place,” declared the Argentine star, completely focused on PSG who, he warned, aspired to “win the Champions League”.

Messi explained: “I did everything in my power to stay and was not asked to play for free,” recalling that “I was asked to reduce my salary by fifty percent, I did it without problems … and we were in a position to help the club more because our desire was to stay.” .

“Laporta’s words are out of place and it hurt me because I didn’t need to say it… It’s like taking the ball out of you and not taking the consequences or taking charge of things. It makes people think or generates the kind of doubt that I think I don’t deserve”, said the Argentine, Who adapted fully after two months and focused on his new team.

“You find a lot of things missing from Barcelona, ​​in fact everything,” the star admitted, remembering that he had already been “in the same place for a long time, with the same daily routine, to get to the changing room that you know by heart, the training center, the city , way of living… Arriving in Paris changed everything, sure. I loved the life I lived in Barcelona and the club and everything. That’s not to say I’m not feeling well in Paris because I am. We’re all family, but you obviously miss Last,” Messi admitted, it is clear that he resolves the pain he is experiencing due to his passing and remembers most what happened a year ago.

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In August 2020, it was he who wanted to leave Barcelona and ended up staying in a painful first class at all levels. “That was when we actually said I was dealing with the Borovax issue. The kids, the family, they understood after we talked…but this year it was all of a sudden, unexpected,” he revealed. .

“I already told them that we will stay in Barcelona, ​​that we will continue at home and they have told their friends. And then, all of a sudden, you have to go and in a week you will be in another city. It was difficult. For everyone.”

He revealed, “When I decided to come to Paris Saint-Germain, it was because of his great team and the desire to continue growing as a club, and to win the Champions League,” stressing that this is his biggest desire: “It is my great goal. I came to Paris Saint-Germain to win the Champions League.” And we’re one of the favourites, though not the only one. Everyone talks about PSG but there are a lot of teams that have the strength to do that… and the best don’t. They don’t always win.”

“I said in my farewell to Barcelona that until the last moment I play I will try to keep winning things and that’s why I came to PSG,” he repeated, revealing that the atmosphere in his new team’s dressing room is amazing. And he made things easier for me, ‘and found out that although with Neymar he knew each other well and had a relationship, with Mbappe ‘at first it was strange, because we didn’t know if he was going to stay or leave the club … Now, for good Lucky, we get to know each other and get along amazingly.”

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