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Chivas confirms squad to face Mazatlan

Mexican football is back in action with Liga MX and chivas They will already have an alliance with which they will try to face the first duel in the tournament Clausura 2022 where Mazatlan will be measured at Akron Stadium. After the start of the season towards a new chapter of competition, Michelle Leno His coaching staff found the top 11 rookie players to get the first three points.

+ Chivas soccer stove heading into the 2022 MX League

It must be remembered that this week the Holy Herd appeared with three cases of COVID-19, by Hiram Meyer, Luis Olivas and Roberto Alvarado reinforcements They will not see any activity. Faced with these hurdles, the expectations with which they chose their team members off the bench should be highlighted. “Favorite” to start a new tournament, Something that would help the eleven starting elements of the oil mechanics and the movements to show good performance in these first duels.

However, it is clear that there will be a lack of surprises in the squad as the vast majority of players are from the past. Opening in 2021, because they only added to the “louse” Alvarado to their ranks and learned that the young Paolo Yrezar, From Dorados de Sinaloa, he was also registered with the Chivas despite the fact that it was initially announced that he would play for Tapatío in the expansion league.

Chivas would use his best available men, so he was jumping on the line with Raul Godinho in the target, Antonio Briceño and Giberto Siblveda In the back center, as a right back Jesus Sanchez and Miguel Pons are on the left. will be in medicancha Sergio Floresnext to the young man Eduardo Torres, As a right hand drive Isaac Brizuela, who will be the captain this afternoon, to the left Cesar Huerta And in front of him Alexis Vega with Angel Zaldivar.

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For Chivas and coach Marcelo Michel Leno, it is essential that the tournament begins With the victory to gain strength in The campaign’s first duels Which looks more similar, because who The fifth round will face the strongest clubs from Liga MX and so it’s a good idea to reach those commitments with some victories.

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