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Chivas and Cruz Azul reach an agreement in the Alvarado exchange between Antona and Mayorga

Cruz azul is close to receiving Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga in the upcoming tournament versus ‘Piojo’ Alvarado

instructions Guadalajara s blue cross Reach an agreement in principle to exchange Auriel Antona s Alejandro Mayorga to Roberto Alvarado, negotiating player signatures and only both clubs missing to become official.

Last Friday, ESPN announced the official proposal by Chivas’ sports director, Ricardo Pelaez, who offered Antona and Mayorga in exchange for “Biogo” Alvarado once Antona himself had negotiated in exchange for Sebastian Cordova, of America, he was permanently downed. Due to a salary dispute between Uriel and Azulcrema club.

Then Pelayes launched another plan to take over services Alfarado, a 23-year-old Mexican selected for AntonA, was also selected at the age of 24, and Mayorga, 24 years old.

ESPN was able to confirm with sources familiar with the negotiations that both directives agreed, with 50 percent of each player’s pass being held, meaning Cruz Azul retains half of Alvarado’s value for sale in the future, while Chivas also retains that percentage of Antuna for a subsequent term. Transfer to any other team.

What is more, Mayorga He enters negotiations due to La Machine’s urgency to find a generational replacement for 33-year-old Adrián Aldrete, whose contract expires on June 30, 2022 and at the club there is no other player with this profile, so the multi-functional Ignacio Rivero or Alvarado occupied that left-back in Several matches in the absence of Alderet due to injury for a large part of the last tournament.

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but nevertheless, Mayorga He arrived at La Noria on a one-year loan with an option to buy until December 31, 2022, at which time the heavenly club can decide whether to keep the player or bring him back to Guadalajara.

If all goes according to plan, an agreement for one of the MX League’s “winter bombs” could be announced in the next few hours, with Antuna and Mayorga wearing the Cruz Azul jersey towards Clausura 2022, and “Piojo” Alvarado changing the jersey to the red and white jersey for the upcoming tournaments.

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