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Chino Miranda announces a new love story after the scandal of infidelity and separation | Famous

Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos confirmed on September 1 that they have split up and The singer admitted it It was because he was unfaithful, although they did not give further details. Despite their situation, the two maintain a good relationship and continue to raise their two-year-old son Luca together.

Days after they officially announced their separation, speculation swirled that the Venezuelan artist had her “influential” partner, Daimar Mora. However, on December 7 on the podcast “La Nave” the singer confirmed that he has a new relationship.

Chyno’s new girlfriend is called Astrid

The singer was the guest of the podcast hosted by Marco and Johanna Vargas, where the presenter asked him directly if he had a girlfriend: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, she’s here”John answered: “Nice to see you, wonderful, I would love to meet you,” he said from afar, but the woman’s face did not appear in the picture.

“What is his name?” Was Marco’s question, “Astrid”Chyno replied shyly. ” I am happyThat’s the important thing, that’s right,” the translator added, “My pretty girl.”

On September 9, Chyno confirmed that he was dating a Venezuelan model Daimar MoraAfter Échame’s Instagram account posted a series of photos where they appeared together and added, “Rumors confirm that Chyno Miranda is dating a Venezuelan model named Daymar Mora.” “Yes,” Chyno commented, without going into details.

However, he never spoke openly about this issue, so it is not known how long the relationship lasted.

On September 1, Chyno Miranda and his wife Natasha Araos confirmed their separation through an Instagram video, after 5 years of relationship. The singer was the first to speak: “I have to confess to them and be honest with everyone. I don’t respect her as a wife, and I don’t respect my house either Well, we haven’t been together as a couple in over a year, said the singer in a broken voice.

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Natasha added that they had “extremely difficult times as a couple”, as well as complications in Chyno’s health after she contracted covid-19: I never hesitated to stay by his side To emerge victorious from all this.”

Although their lives have taken different directions, they are “the best team to provide our son with a healthy, calm and happy life as he deserves” and have asked for “consideration and respect” in the situation they were going through.

They are currently continuing to maintain a good relationship for the welfare of their son Luca.

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