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Chile’s opposition will file a constitutional indictment against President Sebastian Pinera for the Pandora Papers

Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera (Photo: EFE / Nathalia Aguilar)

Chilean opposition deputies announced on Tuesday that They will file a constitutional indictment against President Sebastian Pinera, linked, as revealed in the Pandora Papers, to the sale of Dominga mining by his children’s company.

All the opposition seats We have agreed to initiate a constitutional indictment against President Sebastian PineraJaime Naranjo, a deputy of the Socialist Party, along with other deputies, told the press in Congress.

The Constitutional Prosecution seeks to establish The responsibility of senior public officials, and if successful, could lead to the impeachment of PiñeraWith six weeks left before the first round of the presidential election. It can also cause the defendant to be denied a public office, but in order to thrive it requires The absolute majority in the House of Representatives.

Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera (Photo: Europa Press)
Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera (Photo: Europa Press)

Piñera is located in Controversial position after an investigation by Chilean media Abbott and Saber, part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) Pandora Papers, linked it to the sale of mining company Dominga in 2010 Through a company owned by his sons, businessman Carlos Delano – a close friend of the president – for $ 152 million.

Pinera and his family had sealed the controversial sale of their participation in The project seriously threatens an important nature reserve in the north of the country.

According to the same investigation, a large part of the operation was carried out in the tax haven of the islands British Virgins.

Similarly, the agreement contained a controversial clause Payment of the last batch of business on the condition that “no environmental protection zone is established above the mining company’s area of ​​operations, as environmental groups claim”, a decision located on the number of the Chilean president.

A view of the site where the iron and copper mine project will be located "Dominga"In Ponta de Choros, Coquimbo (Photo: REUTERS/Benjamin Mejias)
A view of where the “Dominga” steel and copper mine project will be located, in Ponta de Choros, Coquimbo (Photo: Reuters/Benjamin Mejias)

The motives and reasons for this accusation will be based on the existence of Violated the principle of integrity [que obliga a los funcionarios públicos tener un desempeño honesto y leal] And also on serious bargaining for the honor of the homelandNaranjo added.

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Our soul and our soul is that This accusatory slander will be shown next week, and we will do everything we can to make it effective‘,” announced the Socialist Party’s deputy, Jaime Naranjo, from the conference.

Pinera dismissed all accusations and potential conflicts of interest Having asserted that all of his assets have been placed under a blind trust since his first presidency (2010-2014) and that he has been Dismissal from any crime after achieving justice for the events of 2017.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and his friend, businessman Carlos Alberto Delano in 2011 (Photo: Reuters / Rodrigo Garrido)
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and his friend, businessman Carlos Alberto Delano in 2011 (Photo: Reuters / Rodrigo Garrido)

The facts mentioned in that report It is not new, it was publicly known by the media in 2017 and was also subjected to an in-depth investigation by the Public Prosecution and was dissolved by the courts of justice“, as the head of state pointed out.

The deputies will present the constitutional impeachment next week and plan to vote on it in the House of Representatives before November 21.When the first round of the presidential election takes place.

if approved, It will be the second attempt at political rule over the president, after the failed attempt in November 2019 for human rights abuses amid mass protests. Against the inequality denounced by various international organizations, the most serious since the end of the military dictatorship.

Chilean Congress (Photo: AFP)
Chilean Congress (Photo: AFP)

On the other hand, the prosecutor said Jorge Abbott, commissioned the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Public Prosecution Office to investigate the existence of possible tax crimes, Linked to leverage or incompatible negotiation.

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Piñera with Ecuadorean Guillermo Lasso and Dominican Luis Abinader, one of the three Latin American presidents That investigation, which shook the world again after the 2016 Panama Papers, arose.

(with information from AFP, EFE)

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