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Chile match summary. El Salvador: Best international friendly match played at Bank of California | international football

With a goal from Sebastian Vegas, Chile defeated El Salvador in an international friendly match held at Bank of California before the resumption of Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

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Chile vs. El Salvador: minute by minute

The match is the second that the Chilean team plays in its preparations for the January qualifying match, where it will face Argentina at home, with the duty to add, because the defeat will leave them practically without possibilities in the qualifiers as well.

The Chilean press confirmed that many players who were not present in the 2-2 draw with Mexico will have a chance. The goal is to find variants for the remaining four dates of the qualifiers.

Chile vs. El Salvador: Match times

Peru – 22:00

Colombia – 22:00

Ecuador – 22:00

Mexico – 22:00

Chile – 00:00

Paraguay – 00:00

Venezuela – 23:00

Bolivia – 23:00

Argentina – 00:00

Uruguay – 00:00

Brazil – 00:00

Chile vs El Salvador faces a new international friendly match broadcast live from the United States. (Image: Getty)

Martin Lasarte, who was questioned at various times during the qualifying round, spoke about the contender: “The information is relative, maybe El Salvador has a more realistic element, which is the team that usually plays, unlike Mexico, because its players play in the local environment”.

We’ll try to get some who entered today or some who didn’t compete to start playing. We will not depart from the idea of ​​continuing to add information and experience.”The Uruguayan strategist added.

One of the players in the local tournament who managed to find a place for himself in the Chilean team is Joquín Montecinos: “Very positive, we didn’t know a lot of players. We had a little time to work, but I think the situation was amazing. The team got to know each other very well this days and we still have a lot to work on.”

“These matches are very important, I don’t see it as a friendly match and I think it was everyone’s motto, live it as if it was the end and that’s what appeared on the pitch. For me it is a dream to be here. I have to take advantage of every secondThe 26-year-old footballer who plays for Audax Italiano has been added.

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