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Chaos in the African Cup! Because of COVID-19, the field player will be a goalkeeper

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What will be a historic meeting for Comoros It is a nightmare, as they will have to face a duel on Monday round of 16 African Nations Cup In view of CameroonNo goalkeeper!

because of covid-19 outbreak In their focus, which showed 12 injuries, the team was left without goalkeepers and according to the organization, they have to play this way, so it will be the field player who wears the gloves under the three positions.

Among the positives are goalkeepers Moayad Osini and Ali HamadehWhile Salim bin Buena And he was already out due to injury after a kick from Ghanaian Andre Ayew.

Comoros is the team of inspiration for the tournament, but its participation enters into this unsurpassable nightmare They expect a miracle cure from pyrite or a passive recovery before the match.

“It’s a very difficult time… In any case, we don’t lose hope,” he said. Haddad Hamidi, Director General of Comoros.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) It stipulated before the tournament that teams that do not have a working goalkeeper on their squad still have to play.

“A team is obligated to play the game if there are at least eleven players available,” according to the regulations.

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