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Carolina Sandoval who wears a mini thong has no problem showing cellulite

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby group

arguing Carolina Sandoval She has once again caused a stir in her networks by shamelessly showing herself to her fans who left their mouths open to see her in tiny, sexy outfits that reveal cellulite.

In a video he uploaded to his official Instagram account “queen of the scarf“She wore a thong and heels too big for her style, during one of the most famous ones already”Lunch with Karu”, where he showed on this occasion how to perform a cosmetic treatment.

To the delight of her millions of followers, the former TV presenter, who just a few weeks ago started a new project that she is proud of with her own podcast.tell me everything“His fans have never stopped showing their unconditional support.

And now in the pictures that she shared, she appears as she is and without any shame, showing her body as it is without any filter, and revealing her flaws and this is the reason why her fans like it. In which they see a woman worthy of admiration for her way of being.

You are wonderful with an attitude of luxury God bless you Caro I admire you“,”You made me laugh, so daring, and they’ll still talk about me, always prettySome admirers expressed.

But not all the comments were good, there were some other users who didn’t like his way of showing off on the networks and they were very critical.

There is not that the old woman is so ridiculous that there is no need to take the food home, if the husband goes to work and she does not make much absurditySaid one of the users of the social network.

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