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Canelo Alvarez on Con Aguero: “He’s one of the best players in history”

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After the press conference for Kon Aguero, in which announced his retirement Final from the courts to health theme, the world of sports has responded and They sent him messages of encouragementOne of those messages was a message Ciel Canelo Alvarez.

the Mexican boxer lift story to his Instagram account that he put in Argentinian picture When he presented with Barcelona accompanied by the message “One of the best players in history. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it.”

Agüero is a follower of CaneloEveryone who has a fight is one of the first to congratulate him and now It was up to Guadalajara to send a message of support An Argentine who is going through a difficult time.

El Kune Had to withdraw since then He suffers from an irregular heartbeat, situation that the doctors Discover and They advised him to quit football As he said, health comes first.

Former football player nowHe announced his retirement at a very moving conference at the Camp NouHe couldn’t contain the tears.

“It is a very difficult time. The first thing is my health And you know why you made that decision. so whatAnd you are in good hands One of the doctors who made my best decision to stop playing. 10 days ago I made the decision. I wanted to tell you that I did everything I could to see if there was any hope, but there wasn’t much,” was the message that the former historic striker bid farewell to.

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