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Cali vs Tolima match, first leg 1-1, summary, facts of the League of Pet Play 2021 match | Colombian football | League Pet Play

Deportes Tolima validated his title as the tournament’s best visitor, and scored a valuable 1-1 draw against Deportivo Cali on Sunday at the Palmasica stadium, in the first game of the BetPlay II-2021 League final, and this Wednesday (7:30 pm) you will have the possibility to search for your fourth star in the Manuel Murillo Toro.

It was an intense commitment, but not too exorbitant in goal choices. He played more in the middle of the field, mostly dominated by an outside player in his back quad, and with poor decisions on the last pass. Now, the switch is open and one of the best performing local players will face off against an opponent who doesn’t save anything to go towards the opposing goal.

Rafael Dudamel came out with a formation of the type that has given him good results since he took over the technical direction of the club and thanks to the 4-2-3-1 he separated the attack of ‘Albijao’ after two approaches initially through Omar Albornoz, but later the main role was all of Paraguay Gustavo Ramirez, the author of the equalizer and later doubled down on the defensive function.

For those led by Hernan Torres, there is still great concern over whether he will be able to count on the upcoming meeting with mediators Sergio Mosquera and Anderson Angulo, who have been injured.

In a stunning setting with nearly 30,000 spectators in the stands and green smoke that made the heroes lose sight of during the solemn festivities, the venue began to bear the intentions of “vinotinto y oro”.

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Tolima held up well in defence, leaving few spaces for Harold Preciado and Teofilo Gutierrez, while it was Angelo Rodriguez who fought in the center of the opposition.

The visiting team took the first shot through Omar Albornoz, but the ball deviated from the left post by a few centimeters.

Cali came close to the eighth minute with a cross pass from Colorado to Vazquez, but the winger was unable to connect the shot.

At the age of 12, Julián Quiñones fouled ngelo Rodríguez on the edge of the area, and Kevin Velasco shot, but the ball was lost off the right post.

At about 15, Angelo Rodriguez hit Sergio Mosquera with his elbow, referee Wilmar Roldan went to watch the VAR and showed the green and white striker in yellow.

Guillermo de Amores slipped before a header from Gustavo Ramirez in the 20th minute.

Sergio Mosquera was injured from tears and was replaced by Anderson Angulo at 22.

Juan David Rios received yellow at 31.

Harold Gomez was booked for a foul on Harold Gomez at 37. Albornoz was lopsided down the left, but his position did not find a partner at 39.

But Cali took the lead in the 41st minute after John Vazquez hit the penalty area from the right, and Harold Gomez headed Juan Camilo Angolo and found the heart of the new right-back Harold Preciado after being touched again by Cuesta and Tomacinho’s striker converted the first goal. -0, unleash the ecstasy of those in Balmasica.

Since then, pressure from the “Sugarcane” fans has been the best motivation for the local players, who have since become more acclimated to the pitch.

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At the start of the second half, William Barra replaced the injured Anderson Angulo, who also replaced Sergio Mosquera.

Rolls of paper falling from the North Tribune forced the resumption of proceedings to be postponed, and once again Albornoz was jeopardized in the Arc de Amores.

Julián Quiñones also saw yellow for a foul on Teófilo Gutiérrez at 4 minutes.

Cali approached the second goal at 7 with a header from Hernan Minos that hit the crossbar and then Angelo’s shot did not enter the opponent’s goal when Paraguay Ramirez shot in the direction of the ball.

Jon Vazquez also received the yellow for taking Daniel Cattaneo off the shirt when he had already overtaken him in a good maneuver in the half-court, at 9.

In a corner kick from Daniel Cattaneo to the small area, Andres Colorado and Angelo Rodriguez neglected Gustavo Ramirez’s mark and Paraguay turned his head to beat de Amores in the 14th minute, increasing his harvest to 4 goals in three consecutive games.

In the 22nd minute, left-back Darwin Andrade replaced John Vazquez to lead Kevin Velasco into the half.

After the equalizer, it was Tolima led by Cattaneo and the momentum of Paraguay Ramirez who took control of the ball and the match put Verdeblanca’s team in trouble. Ramirez, despite the heavy blow to the left eyebrow, was the one who was always worried about visiting, both on the ground and in the air match.

However, at 27 he missed Teófilo and saw the yellow card. Ramirez was luxurious and was another defense to prevent Cale from defeating the Cuesta Fence.

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Tolima sought to keep score and Hernán Torres signed Andre Estupinan for Luis Miranda on the 28th.

In that period of Tolima’s improvement, in Cali ‘Teo’, neither Ángelo nor Preciado appeared, filling ‘sugar’ fans with anxiety, whose minds brought back memories of recent eliminations against the ‘Musical Capital’ team. ‘ from Colombia.

Andrade hit a powerful shot with Estupinan and got the yellow ball at 33. Venezuelan Johandri Orozco replaced Daniel Cattaneo at the age of 35.

Preciado had the opportunity to score a second in the area, but Cuesta made a superb save to send the ball to a corner kick in the 41st minute.

Juan Esteban Franco came in for Juan Camilo Angolo at 44. Preciado made a half-scissors and Cuesta stopped the ball again in a beautiful stretch.

In the second leg, Cali returns to Tolima on Wednesday, December 22 (7:30 p.m.). It will be the tenth star in green and white or the fourth of “vinotinto y oro”.

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