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By abusing Botox, Sabrina Sappruc partially loses her facial movement

Sabrina Sappruc isn’t shy about saying she’s had more than 50 surgeries. In fact, she holds the strange “nickname” for being a celebrity with the largest breasts in the world, and to achieve this she underwent multiple operations.

Last year, she had Botox injections into her lips and face in the US, where she currently resides, and began experiencing discomfort that set off alarm bells. For this reason, she returned to Mexico to urgently consult a plastic surgeon.

“On my face, I put a lot of Botox; a lot of filler in the lips. It flooded my entire face and made me unable to smile properly. I feel like I’ve been pulled,” he told Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día.” He added, “Week after week, I dressed up and dressed up, and now that I’m back in Mexico, the doctor has sent me for an analysis on my face, electrocuted. And stabbed me in the face. It was a very complex analysis.”

The result of that analysis indicated that his suspicions were not wrong: “They told me that I had right-sided paralysis due to both Botox and fillers.” “I have to go to a place where they will do ultrasounds, lasers and a lot of other things. They also gave me medicine to relax the muscles and I have to move my face a lot and do facial exercises,” he said of his near future.

But far from this agonizing situation, Sabrouk has no regrets about spending so much of his life in the operating room. He justified this by saying: “I achieved what I wanted: to see myself as artificial, like a doll.” “I worked as a music teacher and they didn’t think of doing things with my body. Later on, everything changed when I became a star, working on TV and making money to spend on surgeries.”

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“I am so lucky to have the best plastic surgeon,” Sabrina wrote on Instagram.

In her style, she also agreed to send a message to people who criticize her for her surgeries: “To people who don’t want to do anything, who want to age with dignity, they say, the truth is you should age with a budget.”

He also took his time criticizing characters who don’t take responsibility for the surgeries they undergo: “It’s ridiculous to say that nothing is done, when it’s notorious, it’s hypocrisy. I say this because people know I don’t care what they think.” As long as I’m happy with my body, I look young and my husband loves me, and the rest I don’t care. I challenge the girls in the middle to admit their surgeries, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to steal a few years of time.

The actress, in fact, plans to take advantage of her residency in Mexico to undergo new touches. “I want to have several procedures, including a facelift. I am interested in getting liposuction to be very thin. This will be the 53rd surgery, plus everything that comes to mind,” he said.

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