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Bruce Arians don’t regret having Antonio Brown, and don’t care about the future

Antonio Brown left the field and Arius finds no explanation. I wish you good luck

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – A day after the now former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, Antonio Brown، bruce arian He stressed that he has no regrets about Brown joining the organization.

“I don’t regret it. I just wish the best for him”, Arianes noted on Monday, acknowledging the difficulty of seeing Brown explode on the touchline in such a chaotic manner. After his teammates Mike Evans s Oh J. Howard Trying to calm him down, Brown took off his shirt and shoulder pads, threw his gloves and undershirt into the stands, and ran across the end zone while the two teams were in the game.

security officer from MetLife Stadium Tell ESPN Who would have thought he was a fanatic jumped onto the field. The officer also said ESPN That as soon as he entered the tunnel, Brown asked the state police to take him to the airport, but they could not comply with his request, so he ordered a taxi to the airport and did not fly home with the team.

“It was very difficult,” the Arians admitted. “I wish you the best. If you need help, I hope you get it. it is very difficult. Because I care about him.”

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Ariane remains unsure why Brown, who has a history of fickle behavior, is leaving. “I care about him a lot. I hope he’s okay.”

Arianes said he did not speak to Brown after the incident, except before he left. He did not reveal details of that conversation, but at no time did it include Brown’s injured ankle.

report from NFL network He notes that Brown was upset because he felt he could not continue playing because of his ankle, that he injured in Week 6, and that he had to miss five games and three more due to the league’s suspension for rigging him. vaccination card COVID-19.

“I don’t know if you are. [lesionado]”Ariosion reported.” Did you say that? “No,” he added.

“It’s clear what happened. He left the field and that was it. We had a conversation and he left the field.”

Brown was allowed to play last week and posted a 101-yard and 10-reception bid against the Carolina Panthers. But his ankle hurt, too. However, he got medical clearance to play on Sunday Planes.

Arians He stated that he would never force a player to be involved with an injury and that if a player felt that he was, that player would have to speak to the coaching staff.

Arianes added that he did not speak to him Brown Nor with their representatives.

When asked if there were moments that sparked Brown’s anger, he replied: “Nothing at all.”

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