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Biogo Herrera: My feelings for America don’t change

Mexico City /

after a strip of American hobby booing Miguel Herrera At the Azteca Stadium now tiger trainer mentioned that his Eagles feelings They don’t change despite the actions of some fans.

“People have every right to express their opinions. I won’t change my feelings about this hobbyI won’t change that thinking even though there are people who frown I won’t change my loveLike I did today for the Tigress fans who are always with the team. What happens inside each stadium It is not necessary to invade your head Nor your feelings,” said the strategist The end of the match lost 0-1.

On the other hand, the louse mentioned that Left Azteca annoying Because, in his opinion, cats should not lose in a game that was very even.

“The truth is that a little upset because It was a very even game The difference was the goal play. They had it and put it inside, we didn’t. The team played well. Effort was made, keep going, very stressful week. “You have to think about the next match,” he said.

Solari, grateful to the whole team

for this part, Santiago Solari, Coach America, he was very happy to add his team win number 10 In the normal stage of Opening 2021In addition, he took the opportunity to thank his entire team for their efforts.

we are very happy, other than the numbers we are happy with because we claim to be excellent leaders and I also think this year. If numbers don’t let me down, I want give congratulations For the whole team, for each player for his effort, as well as for the structure and all those who help make day in and day out is added. we are happy And I congratulate them because it is not easy, it is a very competitive tournament and it is a great honor to achieve it.”

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