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Biden denies government willing to pay $450,000 to families of immigrants separated at border | Univision Politics News

“This will not happen.”. a) yes The chief replied Joe Biden To a question from a journalist about his government’s alleged intention to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to each immigrant separated from his family at the border under ‘zero tolerance policy’ Which was implemented by the administration of Donald Trump and was reported by various media outlets.

Other media later confirmed what magazine, Citing sources from Department of Justice .

But Biden was adamant in his denial. “If they keep sending this trash, yeah”Asked by a reporter if this supposed plan would encourage the arrival of illegal immigrants, Biden said, and ended: “But that’s not true.”.

However, negotiations between the government and immigration attorneys over potential financial compensation appear to be continuing, according to civil rights groups.

“It’s possible President Biden was not fully informed of the actions of his Department of Justice Anthony D. said:

He added, “We respectfully remember President Biden who called these actions ‘criminal’ in discussion with then-President Trump, and who campaigned to correct and correct the chaos that prevailed in the Trump administration. We ask President Biden to correct the mistakes of this national tragedy.” Romero.

Compensation for separated migrants will not be the same in all cases

A source familiar with the matter said CNN, that discussions about compensation have developed and that different figures have already been proposed. The final number and . may vary Not everyone will get the same maximum amount agreed, add chain report.

The “zero tolerance” policy implemented by the administration of former President Trump, as well as a pilot program implemented in 2017, Separation of nearly 5,600 children From his family because his parents crossed the border with them without the necessary documents.

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Shortly after taking office, on January 20, President Biden signed an executive order to allocate resources from his administration To locate the families of about 600 children, for which there was no record of him being able to contact their loved ones.

The task was as difficult as the Trump administration It did not prioritize information that would allow the determination of the whereabouts of the parents, who were deported while their children were still in the United States, according to the ACLU.

Republicans refuse any kind of payment to immigrants separated at the border

Republicans’ reaction to reports of negotiating compensation for immigrants affected by Trump’s immigration policy shows a collective criticism of this approach, suggesting that this will only encourage those seeking to cross the border.

One of them was the former Vice President himself Mike PenceHe said, “Giving each illegal immigrant $450,000 is totally unacceptable.”

“The Biden administration unleashed the worst border crisis in more than 30 years, all because it dismantled the policies that were working and sent a message south of the border that the US borders are open,” Pence attacked.

The criticism also came from the senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, declared Monday: “Frankly, this absurd idea seems like a cynical political proposition that Republicans could have invented to parody the radical left.”

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