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Best pound for pound? Terence Crawford to Porter with a massive knockout and puts pressure on Canelo Alvarez


American Terrence Crawford successfully defended his WBO world heavyweight title by KO10 to Shawn Porter.

Crawford retained the WBO World Welterweight title
© GTCrawford retained the WBO World Welterweight title

employment United StateAnd Terence Crawford defeated before KO10 a Sean Porter To defend your successfully WBO World Welterweight Title. The champ gave a lecture to get back to discussing the best pound for pound. Do you beat Canelo Alvarez?

Born in Omaha I came from beating brook clock with wonderful KO In the fourth round, while from Ohio It came with a points win over Sebastian Formula. On the other hand, tonight’s champion showed why he is one of the best fighters of the day because he showed everything he knows how to do with unique effectiveness and elegant counter-attack defense.

However, start the fight Sean Porter He went out to locate the ring by hugging, moving and hitting in a few moments. Although, in the second, third and fourth rounds Terence Crawford He moved a lot to defend himself to get in and out with a clear, powerful punch in the face to start dominating the round.

Anyway, the breakdown of the fight at the start of the sixth round has happened since then Omaha He dodged all the blows at him and reacted very effectively against an opponent who didn’t see how all the hits came to his face. Looking at this jigsaw, it seemed that the fight was over on paper.

However, the tenth round came and Crawford Landed on the porter all kinds of punches to take him to lano to porterAfter a big story, I got up. behind this, show time He returned to the fight, but again received a severe punishment for which his corner decided to stop the fight after the second fall.

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