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Barinas: Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice orders re-election in Hugo Chavez’s home

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to explain,

Barinas is one of Chavismo’s strongholds.

There will be a rerun of regional elections in the state of Barinas, the birthplace of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

This was announced by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela, which determined January 9, 2022 The result of the re-election after the November 21 elections was close between Argenes ChavezAnd the brother of the late president and the current state governor and opposition Freddy Superlano.

On Monday the same, the TSJ Electoral Chamber ordered the suspension of the “screening, dismissal and announcement of the new governor of Barinas,” a decision that added to uncertainty and complaints on social networks.

The reason for the suspension, according to a statement issued by the Supreme Court, was a Constitutional protection measures Presented by politician Adolfo Ramon Sobrlano [no relacionado con Freddy Superlano]He was considered an opponent of the opposition for his “alleged violation of the constitutional rights to participation and suffrage” stipulated in the Magna Carta and given the “ambiance of tension between the political militias”.

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