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Barcelona led by Koeman looks into the abyss

Barcelona is left alone. Barely 27,000 fans, loyal and energetic, came to the Camp Nou to accompany him for another match in a season that is now turning dramatic. No one knows how long Ronald Koeman will be on the bench, but neither does anyone know who might be able to revive this moribund Barca who seemed to have a one-eyed man looking at him.

Save him from defeat, at his last breath, Ronald Araujo With a head that Puyol could have signed. or Godin. Anger, surrender, refusal to surrender, giving up everything. Without football but with pride. This is how Barcelona lives looming over the abyss because, to be left aside, Barcelona has not been understood without football for a long time.

Araújo was working as he did in his day Luis Suarez To the “Uruguay” chant by the fans that made him the hero. A bad sign when a center, racy, proud and loyal, takes on the role of superstar and recalls Carles Puyol’s early days when there are no football arguments.

The storm that unloaded in Barcelona hours before the match against Granada caused an entry that was already not known to be much poorer. And it turns out that the few who continue to go to the playground are on top of each other, not licking their wounds as they remember. Messi (There’s no sign of applause already in the 10th minute) And they didn’t waste time pointing out the coach nor reacting to any foul (there was a lot on Monday) with excessive anger.

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Those who remain cheerful, less and less, despite the fact that the Barcelona match is just a disaster. Centering balls without rhyme or reason, running without meaning and transforming Araujo into a kind of football captain in the image and likeness of those dark years when the Camp Nou was turned upside down with a very young Puyol in the face of disastrous conditions.

Barcelona has a lot of smell of a sad, soulless past, unknown to many but present in the memory of seasoned fans who have endured worse times than this time. Times, more than three decades ago, the 25,000 fans were hardly cited in the stands without the need for epidemics or with television and social networks broadcasting any game live.

Today, Koeman, with an expiration date closer than ever, is being vilified by those social networks that undoubtedly qualify him as the worst coach who sat on the bench at the Camp Nou, demonstrating a memory as short as the spirit of sitting in a chair when he’s not. present or expected.

For Barcelona a long time ago, the light went out little by little and relentlessly. He didn’t want it first and didn’t know how to take charge from his golden generation, and surrendered himself to the players who made him great in that past without paying attention to the fact that they could be a burden in the future… So I point out.

Johan Cruyff, in 1988 first and 1994 and 1995 later, completely revamped fashion and gave way, in good words or bad arts, to sacred cows for the time being. The then president, Nunez, allowed the coach to do what Bartomeu failed to do when, after winning the Champions League in 2015, the need to inject new wisdom began to emerge.

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I arrived in 2020, with the pandemic, the disaster was there. Barcelona crashed in their accounts and collapsed in their football is no longer an escape. Ronald Koeman, Bartomeu’s newest umbrella, ran out of credit, putting on stage a new batch of guys who will see how far they can go… and who will likely be without their godfather soon.

It will be necessary to find out who is able to repair this destruction …

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