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Authorities announce two investigations to determine the causes of the Montecristi Hill Radar explosion | Ecuador | News

The time when Montecristi hilltop control activities will resume is unknown.

Manta, Manabo

The Armed Forces and the Ministry of National Defense have ordered two investigations with technical teams to determine what caused the damage to the radar antenna on top of Montecristi Hill. And an explosion occurred, last Sunday, behind him without operation, eleven days after enabling him to control air traffic in the region.

The State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) has also launched an investigation in order to determine the origin of the damage, which is currently being treated as a hypothesis of internal damage to the radar or even that someone from outside the Ecuadorean Armed Forces has caused the destruction of the surveillance system for illegal activities in part of the provinces The country’s coastal areas, according to Antonio Boga, commander of the Air Operations Command and Defenses of the Armed Forces.

Boga submitted the complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office so that he can be investigated and those responsible, accomplices and collaborators found if this happens and even if a member of the armed forces is involved, they will act with him. All the strictness of the law.

On the other hand, I also requested through the Chief of Police (Tanya Varela), the formation of a technical team of explosives and investigations to do the lifting of the parts that were found on the ground, to determine whether or not there was an action against our station,” Boga said. .

The time that will be spent rehabilitating the radar is still unknown, since the damage to the equipment, according to Puga, will be less and the time it will be recovered according to the damage done to that equipment, which is insured.

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Montecristi’s radar has been disabled, and the Department of Defense does not know how long or how much the repair will cost

“It is an electronic device that we would have to check all electronic tags for damage, so I wouldn’t be able to say how long it would take to recover it; however, what we can guarantee is that we have taken other kinds of measures to try and cover the Montecristi radar areas,” Boga said.

Manta, Manabe, Antonio Boga, of the Armed Forces, held a press conference with Juan Francisco Nunez, Governor of Manabe, to give details of the investigations into the incident on the radar of Montecristi Hill. Photo: Napetali Palma

The failure of a radar gear pump on Montecristi Hill caused an explosion that alerted neighboring towns

At the moment, due to the suspension of control activities from the Montecristi Hill radar, the armed forces are using other means similar to those at the top of Mount Manabi, to continue the task of protecting the Ecuadorean airspace. Likewise, according to Bugha, the state has increased vigilance in both air, sea and land domains to prevent an increase in illegal activities.

On Monday morning, the Secretary of Defense, Luis Hernandez, paid a visit to the area where the radar was installed on top of Montecristi Hill. There, check the installations and damages that caused this control system to temporarily cease its activities.

“What we will get is radar work again as soon as possible here in Manabi, because our responsibility in terms of airspace control is not under discussion, we will do it again as soon as possible,” said Pooja.

Juan Francisco Nunez, the governor of Manabe, noted that the attorney general’s office is already taking copies of people who were aware of the activity that occurred last Sunday, a fact that happened after 03:00, and many Montchristians heard the roar of the outbreak.

And the Ministry of Defense announced last Sunday, that it does not rule out that the explosion was the result of a possible attack. (I)

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