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Atletico Nacional today: How much is left against Pereira by running at home

The second match of the fifth date of the BetPlay League semi-finals in relation to Group A starred, Nacional and Pereira, who eventually threw the greens as winners after 5-1.

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Alejandro Restrepo’s team always dominated the fencing, quickly climbing up the scoreboard, because Yeison Guzmán finished right in front of goal and set up his first night.

Later, In the 26th minute, Andres Felipe Andrade finished with his left foot Too strong on the left post and ‘tromp’ for the fans to celebrate again.

Later, the party figure was present again, since then Yeison Guzmán finished with his left foot After a 3-0 assist.

And two minutes later, at 52, Guzmán himself put fourth And the third from his personal account when registering from outside the region, benefiting from a pass from Danovis Banguiro.

Despite this, Nacional continued to accelerate and scored fifth in the 55th minute. It was a job Sebastian Gomez after a pass from Pangueiro.

Later, at the age of 69, Pereira found the opponent after a penalty kick, which was reviewed by the VAR And changed to the goal of the player Rafael Navarro.

And so the engagement ended. Leaving a huge scoreboard for ‘Pursal’ 5-1And Pereira as the team with the most goals in the semi-finals so far in a row.

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in this way, The pizza group added five units, remembering that he was excluded from the obligation, and only a rank higher than Deportivo Pereira.

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On the next date Nacional will play as a visitor against Junior From Barranquilla, while Deportivo Pereira will host finalist Deportivo Cali.

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